Step 1 : Device Configuration


**Switch ON GPS and Internet Connectivity , before launcing the app

  • It has to be done when the App is launched on the device for the first time ..
  • A configuration screen will appear where device owner has to configure his mobile by entering his e-mail id * , followed by mobilenumber .
  • If configuration screen is skipped , it will re-appear on every button event until it is not configured .

Step 2 : User Registration


  • The first step towards monitoring locations is to register oneself
  • When a user registers himself/herself will receive a password on his/her email that was entered while registration . (which can be changed later by loggin in )






Step 3 : User Login


  • The user can login from any device inorder to pair with any device or want to monitor already paired devices


Step 4 : Pair with Current Device



  • After Logging in sucessfully the user will get followin four options on his home screen .
  1. Pair Device : The option leads to pairing screen where the user have to enter the security code received on device owner's id and a name for the device . This option will allow the user to monitor locations of paired devices from any android device using Map2Track app .
  2. Enable Service : User can start tracking service
  3. Disable Service : User can stop tracking service
  4. Unpair Device : User can remove the device from his/her paired list .
  5. Enable/Disable Service through SMS : Once user is paired with a device he can START/STOP service by just sending SMS . For using SMS START/STOP service , compose a message having text "Start" or "Stop" and send it to respective mobile number of paired device .





Step 5 : View Location History of Paired Devices


  • On selecting the map option from the main menu , the logged in user can view his paired devices list and after selceting a particular name from the list he will be able to view location history of the selected paired device .
  • User can view last 480* locations of a particular paired device with 20 locations per interval . ie 1-20 , 21-40 , 41-60 ......, 461-480 .
  • On clicking on a particular pointer on map , the user will be able to know the Time and Date of that location of paired device